April 3, 2013

Geocaching around Liberty, TN

Our new family hobby (the idea of which is either adorable or totally dorky) is geocaching, and we love it. We've had a great week, and have managed to find 3 caches with a 2 year old in tow!

We found:
*Country Roads #1
*Peaceful Pastures
*Rocky Grove

My daughter really loves it when there is a "surprise" inside that she can keep. So far, she's gotten a balloon, which I was terrified to blow up--what kind of hallucinogenic drugs did the person that left it here dust on it?--, a noisy ball, and a keychain.

But the keychain has Cruzan coconut rum on it, so Mommy will keep hold of that.

Peaceful pastures, no doubt.

Rocky Grove cache

 Check out a video of our Rocky Grove find here, on my husband's blog.

Happy caching! We had fun "caching" in today. :)


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