March 28, 2013

Geocaching and Easter's up to me

Isn't this a cool picture? My dear husband took it and doctored it up. You can see our daughter longing to be outside with the flowers and sunshine. Spring is lifting our spirits and making us get outside to enjoy the weather! 

We've started geocaching this week. We're a little late catching on, but it's something fun we can do as a family that gets us outside and feels like a treasure hunt. We're excited to find more! There are tons in our area. 

Easter is coming up and we are having a low-key family lunch to celebrate. This year, for the very first time, I will be the sole chef of a holiday meal! I'm so excited. My mother and father-in-law went on vacation this week and they won't be back until late Saturday night. So I'll be making our feast and saving the day. NBD.

Make sure you pick up a Lebanon Democrat, Oak Ridge Observer, or Smithville Review next week. I'm starting a series on training my daughter with the same techniques used to train dolphins and whales. Weird, for sure.


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