July 19, 2012

I can't see, but a bunch of other things are working out for me

How much good news have I received in the past week? SO MUCH, as Molly would say. Just a brief recap of this week's (so far!) awesome moments:

-When Michael got approved for his new gun and got to bring it home, finally
-When I got an email back from the Watertown Gazette editor, which said I will be able to run an article in August 2nd's issue
-When I found $5 in my pocket on Tuesday
-When I saw I have lost 3 more pounds since Saturday
-When I got an email back from the E-edition editor of The Tennessean, saying she will put me into the rotation of guest bloggers (YAYYY)
-When I got an email from the Oak Ridge Observer newspaper about featuring my blog, maybe
-When I sold almost $70 worth of clothes and toys on this awesome group on Facebook]
-When I found out we will be receiving a wonderful gift in about 5 months (NO, I'm not pregnant!)

Now, I may have just jinxed myself with all this talk of the good times, but that is okay. I probably deserve some horrible things to happen to me after all this goodness.

I almost forgot about the horrible thing that has happened to me today! I woke up this morning and my eye was in a lot of pain (it told me). I have had this problem before, and it required an eye doctor's attention and a prescription to some eye drops that have Dexismethosone and Tobramisin in them. They sting just as bad as they sound like they would. I had to take out my contacts, which I slept in, and rinse them with solution. When I tried to put them back in, my eye was like, "Nooooo!" so I had to dig out my old glasses and put in those awful drops, which don't even help with the pain until 3 days later. I would like to make it known that these glasses' lenses are my prescription...from 5 years ago. So, no, I can't really see that well, or at all, for that matter. That is really fun when you're supposed to be keeping a curious 2 year old out of trouble and off of table tops and other high-up places. My plan of "Come on Molly, let's just lay down and watch some children's shows" didn't work, to my dismay. Darn kids.

If I open a Lasik donation account and put a link to it on my blog, I know you guys will take care of me. ;)

But seriously, to all of you that have 20/20 vision, I really hope you're enjoying yourselves. Just remember ol' Debra is sitting here, feeling her way around the room, unable to cry because tears only make her eye sting more.

Have a great day, in spite of the fact that you just spent 10 minutes of it reading my ramblings!


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