July 10, 2012

Forced to use The Big Red Van...

If the phrase "We bought you new tires" doesn't make you really excited, you obviously haven't been without tires for 3 weeks, forced to use The Big Red Van as your primary vehicle (with no A/C, faulty transmission, a head gasket leak, and no radio). Well, I have. So when my mom and aunt offered to help us out with some new tires for Michael's upcoming birthday, I was ridiculously happy. Michael is on his way to get them put on now, so we won't die when we go for a ride in the car.

I want to put the spotlight on a children's TV show called Ozie Boo. My daughter happens to love it, which concerns me a little, because it is the worst show I've ever seen, children's show or not. The premise is this: 4 penguins living in a socialist commune on an ice flow all get into weird situations with leopards and orca whales and in the last five minutes of the episode, suddenly a lesson is learned. And usually the lesson learned has nothing whatsoever to do with the content of the episode. For example, Molly is watching an episode now where one penguin is nearly eaten by the whale. At the end of the show, the narrator says "And that's why you should be nice to your friends. So long, Ozie Boos!" What? It doesn't help that the show was originally in French, so it's all a really bad translation to English. If you can find it on Youtube, it's worth watching one episode to hear the really catchy songs.

I forgot to tell you! We found a couch at the dump. It's not as bad as it sounds, because the people that dropped it off didn't want to throw it away, but told the dump guy to make sure someone took it home. It is a burnt orange suede couch, and it seems brand new. It was totally clean (but that didn't stop me from vacuuming every inch of it). Sometimes you get lucky!

Molly is full-on into her princess obsession. She wants princess everything. She told me she wanted "Pincess teapot", "pincess ball", and even a "pincess bike!" Here are some images of the items Molly wants. I promise you, I only have a little to do with this newfound obsession-I've only been making her watch The Little Mermaid, Cinderella, and Aladdin with me since she was in the womb.

Anyway, you have yourself a good day. Ya hear?


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