June 1, 2012

Sailing away

My plan for the yard sale is pretty simple. I will set up around 7am, placing everything in colorful containers with clearly labelled prices (no "This looks like it says 5 cents." "No, ma'am, that's $5.") and make sure to wear yard sale clothes. By this, I mean ugly clothes. See, other women, who comprise most of the "yard sale shoppers", are turned off when they notice a cute young mom selling her brand new clothes on the front porch of a yellow house. They are drawn like magnets when that mom is dressed in ugly clothes, especially if the stuff is brand new and they can all cackle together over what a great deal they got from the old hag in the yellow house. To find out more, read up on women's psychology. Something about jealousy.

All that being said, I better make lots of money (aka $100 or more).


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