June 2, 2012

Maybe I missed my calling.

Perhaps Healthcare Administration isn't the direction I should be going in. It's become clear to me, after the loads of cash I raked in at the yard sale, that I am natural born business woman. That's right, I can goad people into spending money on things they don't need, or even necessarily want. The trick is to make them THINK they need the item, and then feel guilty if they don't buy it. Here's an example:

Lady: Yeah, hon, it's cute, but I don't even HAVE a baby. Why would I need this stroller?
Me: Oh, strollers are great for loads of things. Do you have a pet? You could push them around the neighborhood.
Lady: No, I don't have a pet. I hate animals. And I don't live in a neighborhood.
Me: That's perfect! Then you can push the empty stroller around and no one will look at you and think you're crazy, since you're out in the boonies.
Lady: (a little more hesitant)....nah, I don't think I need it.
Me: (small sigh) Oh, alright. I just really wanted to sell as much of this stuff as possible. We'll be moving soon and there's no way I can carry all of this to the new house.
Lady: Can I give you $5?
Me: Sold!

I won't mention the loveseat in good condition that I sold for $10.
Or the brand new clothes that somehow slipped away for a mere 25 cents.
It's pointless to add that I may have sold an entire basket of new OPI nail polish for $3, or that those shoes I was NOT selling for less than $10 escaped my grasp with the promise of $2.

I think the key to doing business well is being friendly, which I've practiced so much in the mirror, I can almost do it now. I mean, if you asked any of the people that dealt with me during the sale, they would probably say that I was the nicest yard saler in the neighborhood. That may or may not have to do with the fact that the other sellers were 100 years old and not happy about baking in the sun or parting with their dusty quilts, but I digress. Friendly, check.

I learned a valuable lesson today. Sometimes it is better to sell something for a fraction of what you expected, just to get rid of the darn thing. Any amount of cash is better than lugging it back to the house (ahem, $10 loveseat) and finding a place to put it AGAIN.

I'm going to enjoy the rest of this beautiful weekend. Get off the computer and go do the same!


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