June 18, 2012

On what I really suck at and why I'm even telling you this

This week is an important one. Tomorrow, Molly has an appointment at the opthamologist's office @ Vanderbilt to clear some things up and her party is this weekend. Now, this might sound awfully selfish of me, but I am tired of talking about the birthday party and definitely tired of thinking about hot dogs and napkins and all that mess.

In fact, I think I'll make a little compilation of all the things I'm tired of. Right here.
On second thought, that list doesn't look very uplifting. It actually looks really depressing. I know, because I've already written the list out in Microsoft Word and I'm looking at it now, fairly certain that I won't include it in this post because it would be a real downer.

People might wonder what I'm good at, and more likely, what I really suck at. (People just love when you really suck at something). So here's a different list, one that might surprise you and make you feel better about yourself!

Good At
Hula hooping (go ahead and laugh)
Dancing (skills kept sharp by regular dance-offs with husband)
Being a mom
Remembering and hearing lyrics to songs (Seriously, it's amazing)

Really Suck At
Saying sorry
Drawing Faces
Getting to the point
Being serious
Remembering to put the wet laundry in the dryer
Video games (except for Black Ops, which I still miss)
Potty training Molly
Ironing clothes
Remembering to call you back (Aww)
Remembering that we had plans (Oops)
Remembering that it's our 3 year anniversary (uh oh)
Eating Chex Mix fairly--I eat all the bagel chips. ALLOFTHEM.

Now, don't get it twisted. This is not self-deprecation. This is self evaluation. I think we can all benefit from listing things that we're good at and things we're not. I think it's a false sense of confidence if you only remind yourself of your strengths. My confidence comes from the fact that I am well aware of my shortcomings and my talents, so no one could ever surprise me and knock me off my pedestal by putting me down. Not that they haven't tried. I just won't let them get a foot in the door. You shouldn't, either. Don't mean to turn into the motivational speaker (In a VAN, down by the RIVER), but sometimes we humans need some reminding.

Did you know that in our lifetime, we speak about 123,205,750 words? With that many, it might seem like none of your words have an impact. But the reality is that your words have a tremendous power over your life. I learned about something called self-fulfilling prophecy in Psychology and you might be interested: Self fulfilling prophecy theories state that 1. You believe something, untrue or not (Ex: I will fail this test) 2. Your actions are automatically molded around those beliefs (Ex: I won't even bother studying, I know I'll fail) 3. The "Prophecy" comes true BECAUSE you believed it and gave that negative thought, those negative words, power over your actions. I.E., you failed that test.

The moral of the story is: remind yourself of what you're good at, AND what you're no good at. Find peace with both. Let the words that you speak in this lifetime be encouraging, positive, or at least meaningful.

Dr. Deb

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