June 11, 2012

On rationality and what happens in my head while I sleep

After falling asleep today to the sound of Barney and friends singing about colors ("Orange..it's the color of an orange"), I started to have a strange dream.

I dreamed that I was walking through a grocery store, slowly picking up every item of interest and looking at the nutrition facts. Scrutinizing them, actually. This went on for what seemed like hours.

I found out, upon my rude awakening (thanks Molly!), that I was asleep for only fifteen minutes. It's good to know that I spend my precious nap time dreaming about counting calories and whether those baked chips are actually nutritious or not.

My good friend and I talked this weekend about what dreaming means. Does it sometimes reveal the future? Can it alert you to current circumstances that need a change? Is it really your subconscious reaching out to the conscious part of you? We agreed that scientists should spend lots of money to concentrate more on studying dreams, strictly for our benefit.
If dreams really do tell you something about yourself, I am superdisappointed. Mostly because this would mean that a) I need to lose weight b) I'm a really boring person c) we're out of baked Cheetos.

I have vivid dreams pretty often. It's rare for me to not remember my dreams upon waking. My dreams seem so real, sometimes I can't distinguish if something happened in reality or in a dream. I've dreamed about fighting with a friend before and then not called that person for a week, just having a lingering angry feeling toward them based on what they did in my head while I slept. That's rational.

I firmly believe that there are 2 types of people occupying our dear planet at this time: the dreamers and the people who hate hearing about your dreams. You can take this in a fluffy figurative way (oh, she means the dreamers, those who are idealists and "Dream Big") or in the way I actually mean it--one type, Type A,  has vivid dreams and want to tell you about them (and hear about other dreamers') and the other type, Type B, pretends to have a sudden commitment when they hear the phrase "I have to tell you about this wild dream I had last night...!" It just so happens that I am type A, while my husband is Type B.

Sample Dream Recollection Conversation with My Husband
Me: Oh my God, I had the craziest dream last night (it really wasn't that crazy but I want to talk about it)! Can I tell you about it?
Hubby: Oh, really (not enthused)? Sure, tell me. (Picks up magazine and doesn't make eye contact)
Me: Well, it started out with me, you, and Molly in an underground city where I just had this feeling we were all going to die. And then...oh, crap. I forgot what happened next. But somehow I ended up in this weird white apartment, even the furniture was white, and GOSH, it was just so weird.
Hubby: Hmmm.

How he doesn't enjoy hearing my recollections of these interesting dreams is just beyond me...


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