June 4, 2012

Breakfast at Tiffany's. No, Shoney's.

It was a busy weekend. Michael's great-uncle has been moved from the hospice at St. Thomas back to his house (next door). We went over and hung out for a while when he got home Friday. You're never really sure how to approach situations like that; he isn't going to get better and the doctors say he'll die within a few weeks. I ended up telling him the truth, the only thing I could find to say: I'm glad you're home and get to spend your time here instead of in a hospital.

Michael and I slept over at our friend's house on Saturday night, which was so fun. I can't remember the last time I spent the night with a friend. We all went and got breakfast at Shoney's the next morning, where I ate my entire day's allotment for calories in a mere 30 minutes. Talent. I got to swimming in a pool instead of a creek or lake, so I was really excited about that.

Except for the bickering trio of children.
Child 1: MY corkscrews (dives) are better than yours, Junior.
Junior: Whatever! That is a lie. You both know I am the best at diving.
Child 3: Dad, tell them that I am the best diver. You saw me go in , I didn't even hit my head!
Dad: (not very motivated) Boys, now stop. You're all good at diving.
Child 1: Aahh! I cut my foot on the ladder! It's rusty--I don't have up to date shots! That means I've got tetanus!
Dad: (obviously impressed that the boy knows what tetanus is, but upset that the child is a whining drama queen) Tetanus? Aw, come on. Let me look at it. (Looks briefly, for what signs I'm not sure) Nope, just like I thought. No tetanus.

Even though my friend and I didn't exactly feel...safe due to the number of 45 year old men called by names like Pit Bull (I swear I am not making this up) that were appreciative of our swimsuit attire, we had a good time. And even got some water aerobics in, if kicking your feet and treading water while counting to 10 repeatedly counts as water aerobics.

Somehow, with the foodfest at Shoney's and all, I've managed to lose another 3 pounds this week, as determined by my yard sale find: a bright turquiose scale. It's like I lose more weight and am more active when I'm not trying as hard. Good to know.

I've heard from a couple people that they are reading and actually enjoying my blog. It makes me really happy to hear that because I really enjoy writing the posts and telling about the weird things that always seem to happen to me.

Thanks for following my train of thought!

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