October 2, 2013

Bunches and Clumps: A Philosophy of Good and Bad Fortune

          One thing I've learned about life so far: good things tend to come in bunches (bananas, grapes, and Honey Bunches of Oats come to mind).

It's not as a great as it sounds; it also means that bad things tend to come in clumps (like litter in a litter box, or Eddie Murphy's weird collection of characters from The Nutty Professor). However, I am thrilled to say that this week, good things are coming in bunches. Good things, like:

My daughter successfully completed potty training! Even though all we're really doing is exchanging diaper changes for loud calls of "Mama, I have to poop!" in every public place imaginable, it's still a good thing.

Three new publications (The Cleveland Daily Banner, The Claremore Daily Progress, and The Pryor Daily Times) have decided to run my weekly column! Granted, these decisions came after I badgered editors and publishers with samples of my work and attempts to be professional-yet-hilarious, but it's still a good thing.

I had my first article published on Yahoo Voices! I wrote about a Halloween costume contest I entered (and won!) with the sparkly-est, pinkest, most midriff-baring Cher costume you have ever seen (check out the article HERE-opens a new window). I may have embarrassed myself and Cher with the article, but it's still a good thing.

I won't mention that I somehow broke the bathtub faucet, got snubbed by a 4 year old at the park, and ate far more calories than I burned this week, because that would just be depressing. Litter-box-clump depressing.

          Hope you're all having a week that is comparable to mine greatness-wise. And if you're not, take solace in the fact that next week, the tables will turn and Old Fortuna will smile on you once again. Probably.

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