February 11, 2013

Removing a splinter without needles or anything scary like that

My husband is normally a big, tough guy. He is known for opening jar lids that my little hands just can't begin to unscrew and making carrying large, heavy items look easy. However, once a little glass gets stuck in his finger, he's an infant. A crying, whimpering, scared infant. After getting into mama-mode, I found a way to successfully remove a splinter (glass or wood) without anything scary. Unless you're scared of baking soda, in which case you'll want to avoid this trick, and probably any kitchens nearby.

Make a baking soda paste using 1/4 teaspoon baking soda and enough water to make a thick paste. You don't want it runny, because it will need to be applied to the splinter.
Put the paste on a bandage and apply to the splinter.
Leave it on for 24 hours, then check to see if the splinter has surfaced. Make sure you disinfect any tweezers you use to remove the splinter.
Repeat if splinter hasn't emerged yet. Everything I read claimed 3 days was the longest it took to remove embedded splinter.

And that's it. You can go back to pretending your man isn't afraid of anything, and he can get his dignity back.
Here's a link to the article I found:

How to Remove a Splinter with Baking Soda: 7 steps - wikiHow

You're welcome.


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