July 4, 2012

Things my mother was right about (abridged version)

My childhood and teenage years were filled with my mother's voice, directing me on what things were okay and what things were wrong. Her wisdoms spanned all genres-- from when to wear a pantyliner (ha) to what friends were "toxic." And you just won't believe this, but that woman was right about nearly all of it. I'm compiling a list of things she was right about. That includes...

Girls that talk about other people nonstop to YOU, are also talking about you behind your back. Always.

Clean up a little everyday and your room will stay neat.

You can talk to anyone. I mean it, anyone. Just try a couple topics to see what gets them going.

Making friends is easy. Making good friends is hard. Keeping friends is work. It's worth it.

Always eat something for breakfast, even if it's just a cracker.

There is no better moment at the end of the day than taking off your bra.

Pray about things that bother you. If you can't ask for a solution, ask for Him to give you peace.

Be nice to your friends before they turn into your enemies!

The trick to perfect cornbread is 2 eggs, not 1.

"Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other, gold."

Do your best in school, in sports, in whatever you do. Don't let anyone be able to say you didn't try your hardest.

Never go out in public feeling like you look ugly. You WILL run into someone you know. Probably an old crush or boyfriend.

Try to look your best at your job. Even if you can't be creative with the work you do, you can show the boss that you take pride in your appearance, and that shows you take your job seriously.

When going after things you want, be relentless.

"_____ (old friend's name) is not a good friend. She will stab you in the back. You just wait and see." (She did.)

"_____(old classmate's name) is such a nice boy. Don't you make fun of him, I guarantee you he is going to be successful and all of y'all will wish you had been nicer." (She was right.)

"You never know who is related to who, or who knows someone else. Don't open your mouth to talk about someone in public where others can hear."
(Note: OHHH man, was she right. So many times this has happened to me. "I just can't stand my professor. Dr. Brown is so ugly I can't stand to listen to lectures. What an idiot." Girl standing next to me: "Uhmm, Dr. Brown is my dad. Everyone thinks we look alike." Ooops.)

Don't ever hit someone first. You take the first punch, then you whoop them. Yes, whoop.

If you don't know FOR SURE that she is pregnant, don't mention it. EVER.

I know a lot of females have ups and downs with their moms, and I am no stranger to that. We've had some lows that made me think our relationship was never going to be the same. But we have always been close, and we can repair our relationship no matter what happens. Now that I am old enough to see that my mom was nearly always right, I have so much more respect for her. She left me room to make my own mistakes, but she didn't just toss me in, sink or swim. She equipped me for life the best she could. I think she did a great job. I need to tell her that.

I'll add more as I think of them. I am pretty lucky to have such a wise mother. I would like to make the next post about questionable advice she has given me--that will be pretty funny. Thanks for reading! Kiss your mama if you can! Tell that woman you love her and thanks for birthing you! Happy 4th of July!


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