July 31, 2012

The Art of Starting (and stopping) and Starting Again, or, never give up on those dishes

Hey guys, it's been a while! Well, the camping trip was really fun. I say "really fun", but I mean "really scary there at the end." See, just like I predicted, good times were had by all until the sun went down. My friend and I were left all alone (with a .357 magnum, so not really "all" alone) by our wonderful men, who went to go "look at Michael's new laser". They're cool. Did I mention it was dark and scary? So, my friend and I are playing cards in the tent, because it was way too scary to be by the fire. We started hearing sounds really close to the tent, and even heard something bump against one of our cars RIGHT OUTSIDE THE TENT. We were beyond scared. I was holding onto that gun like I was scared it would try to fly away. We tried calling Michael about 12 times, but it's no surprise that he didn't answer. I wouldn't expect him to. After all, they were busy looking at the green beam of light emitted by his supercool new laser for his gun. So, long story short, we did NOT die, and we were very glad to see the boys when they got back. So glad, in fact, that we forgot about our promises to kill them for not answering their phones and leaving us all alone. That reminds me...

So, on to the reason for this post. I have realized that I am a starter/stopper. Maybe we could call it a starper? No, too weird. Anyway, I have this habit of getting into a really "productive" mood, where I will begin cleaning everything in the house from top to bottom. I'll wash clothes, do dishes, sweep floors, organize closets, box up items we no longer use, and generally act like a housewife.

The only problem is, I don't finish any of these tasks. I'm serious. None-of-it. I wash a load of clothes and forget to put them in the dryer (=mildew). I wash 1/2 the dishes, or until the dish drainer is full, and never do the rest. This means my sink is perpetually 1/2 full (or 1/2 empty, for all you pessimists out there). I sweep the floor in it's entirety, but I only do the living room and kitchen. I pull everything out of Molly's closet to organize it, end up getting involved with looking at an old photo album or tiny baby outfit that "I can't believe she was ever small enough to fit into" (insert sobbing), and end up sitting there for 2 hours and getting nothing done. I will start putting clothes I don't wear any more into a box, then decide that maybe that shirt isn't as hideous as I'd previously imagined, get it out, try it on, and forget what I was ever doing in the first place. Sigh.

I guess I do the start/stop thing because I get these little bursts of energy that make cleaning sound not only doable, but FUN. But it never takes long until that bubble of energy pops. That couldn't have anything to do with being tired from chasing an energetic 2 year old around all day, could it? No, didn't think so.

Does anyone else deal with this? Tell me about it! Comment below or email me. Don't forget to click "Follow this blog" on the NetworkedBlogs widget on the right side bar!

Have a great week.


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