June 25, 2012

On restraining yourself and getting jailed, potentially

Molly's party on Saturday was so much fun. We got to go out on the boat, jump off some cliffs, some people got to ride my uncle's jetski (not me though) and everyone ate some awesome all-American food. All while celebrating Molly's age advancement! Thanks to everyone for coming and bringing stuff to help us out! I love having a big family for gatherings like this.

Patch update: Molly didn't wear one at her party, and she has been taking a patch off at least once every 15 minutes. We have literally gone through 12 patches TODAY ALONE. It is now 12:35. This could be a problem.

I was so glad that two of my friends were able to come to Molly's party. My oldest friend and her sister (and nephew--he seriously made my womb ache for another child) came along with one of my best friends and her fiance.

I've been thinking about something today, just sort of mulling it over. Why do we put so many constraints on ourselves? I am split down the middle on this one. Part of me believes that it is necessary for us, as human beings living in an organized society, to voluntarily restrain some of our more basal instincts in order to keep society running relatively smoothly. Another part of me thinks we inherently crave danger and need risks and spontaneous behavior to fully "be human" and act like what we are. But on the first point, think of the chaos (anarchy) that would ensue if we all followed our desires without inhibition. Sure, you might experience some moments of pure pleasure, but the orderliness and safety that we so need and seek in society would be dead the moment we all thew caution to the wind.

On the other hand, restraining our basic desires can be negative. We are, in a way, denying part of ourselves (anyone remember the Id?) and that can be stressful. It can even lead to depression. I've come to the conclusion that the best way to handle this is balance, moderation being key. Take some moments in life to be ridiculous, and others to act like your grandmother.

Perhaps Usher and Ludacris said it best when they sang "We want a lady in the streets, but a freak in the sheets" on Yeah. I'm not ordering you to be a freak in the sheets, or even a lady in the streets. I'm just saying that for the most part, other people prefer the midway, the median, the middle. You don't choose the craziest muhfuh in the room to be your best friend, nor the weirdo in the corner that doesn't speak to anyone. You choose the cool guy who makes his rounds and knows how to have a good time without getting jailed or killed. Unless getting jailed and killed is your sort of thing.

Now, on to the real purpose for this post: Does anyone have a copy of 50 Shades of Gray for me to borrow? I will return it with no weird stains or page folds.

Sincerely, Debra Diane (NOT Diana, like I used to pretend)

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