September 10, 2012

Sneak peek into upcoming column in Smithville Review

I love when people tell me that my 2 year old daughter acts just like me. I prefer that they make this connection while she’s reciting her ABCs, counting, or doing something ridiculously cute. However, there are times when she acts less than well-behaved, and somehow people still think this behavior resembles my own. I have a few questions about that, just to clarify my understanding. Bear with me.
Does it really remind you of me when she throws a fit because there is no “chock-it” (chocolate) in her milk?
Does it bring me to mind when you see her run around the coffee table in circles while singing “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star?”

Is there any connection between my behavior and hers when she flatly orders you to “Shut. Up” after a gentle suggestion that she take a nap?

Do I really change topics frequently during conversation, like, “Mama, Huckle Cat is on the table and—BOAT. I want boat.”?

...The rest of the article is scheduled to come out this week in the Smithville Review. Finish reading it on Wednesday! Make sure you tell the editors how much you loved my column. You know, if you loved it.

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