August 13, 2012

Thieving thieves and all that thievery

Rainy days and Mondays always get me down.

But really, today isn't bad at all. Friday night? That was not so good.

I was a victim of crime for the first time on Friday night. Not a violent crime, or even a cool crime. Some broke piece of trash decided to break the window of the car we arrived in, steal both my purse and my friends', and then hit up another woman's car for the same reason. Now, whoever stole our purses was almost certainly thinking "Oh yeah, I hit the jackpot! 2 purses in one car!" I am extremely pleased to report that they did not hit the jackpot. Not on my watch. They got $5 out of my wallet, some insurance cards, a cell phone from 2008 with nerdy foam stickers on it, and a small container of hand sanitizer. I had stuffed most of my cash into my bra as we were entering the club, and Michael had my ID. So, while I hope they enjoy the pictures on my phone of Molly as a newborn, that time Michael drew a face on my stomach, and family vacations, I don't think they will.

It's really frustrating when you are a true victim. If you hit someone and they hit you back, you know you deserved that punch. But when you are like my friend and I, who had done absolutely nothing to deserve this, you can't help but get angry. Some low life, who probably doesn't have a job, came to Silverado's with a plan to steal from someone. The worst part is that they had a great night with other people's money and will never get caught. The three of us affected have to go spend time and money replacing everything lost like insurance cards, checks, cell phones, and yes, small containers of hand sanitizer. Jerks.

On a happier note, today we got a kitten! I always had pets growing up, and I think it will be great for Molly. We have decided to rename the kitten (his current name is Mousers) and we let Molly pick the name. I don't know what sort of miracle-genius-serum my daughter has been drinking, but somehow she came up with the name Huckle for our cat. You may ask, "Why Huckle?" Huckle, because her favorite show in the universe is The Busy World of Richard Scarry, and the main character is Huckle Cat. Since my original choice for the cat's name was Finn, we think his full name will be Huckleberry Finn. Oh, it's not normal to give a cat a full name? Huh. That's weird. I thought it was.

So, back to the robbery. Thievery. Whatever. It made a couple things very clear to me:

-I will never go back to Silverados
-I will never see my purse/ phone/ wallet again
-Money isn't everything (just glad it was my STUFF and not my LIFE)
-Money ova everything (Oh, wait, that's just a Drake song stuck in my head)
-Even if you put your purse in the trunk, it's equivalent to putting your wallet in your shoe at the beach. Still an obvious place to put it. Better to leave it at home.
-Money in your bra isn't always a nasty, terrible idea (but it usually is, especially when you're checking out that sweaty woman without teeth and she fishes a $20 out of her soggy bra. BLECH.)

Be glad that you aren't me, and that your life isn't mine, and that your purse is safe in your grasp while mine is scared, alone, and mutilated on the side of some back road. Sniff.

Until next time!

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