August 28, 2012

Spontaneously being spontaneous? Or something

This weekend my husband and I decided to spontaneously drive to Gatlinburg, the tourist capital of Tennessee, along with thousands of other spontaneous couples doing the same thing. How spontaneous of us, right? We were ready for a good time. Hiking, shopping, ziplining, eating, drinking, white water rafting, eating, drinking, and eating. Those are some fine plans, but it all comes crashing down when you realize the total cost will be well over your "budget" (i.e. entire checking account). So, we settled for hiking, shopping, eating, drinking, swimming, riding the skylift, getting remarried (to each other), and ordering large beverages that made us feel funny. All in all? The trip was a success. A big shout out to my mom for keeping Molly all weekend so we could get a little irresponsibility out of our systems (we're all clear now). 

I haven't been posting very much lately, and I promise you I have some great reasons for that. 
1. I have been writing articles for 2 papers, and it's getting hard to squeeze all these witty things out of my    brain and still have some left over for my blog. I'm not allowed to use posts I've put on the blog.
2. School just started again, and it's sort of difficult to remember my own name, much less the fact that I have a blog, when I'm stressing about macromolecules and the ambivalence of Sylvia Plath's "Daddy." 
3. I have a two year old

All out of good reasons, but I'm sure you understand. 

Until next time!
Debbie D

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